Import contacts from Linkedin to
for free

Works with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator. Import unlimited contacts with 1-Click.

How does
LinkPort Work?


Download the LinkPort extension for your CRM from Chrome store


Activate LinkPort by integrating it with your CRM. Map contact information from LinkedIn in seconds.


Enrich email, phone, technographic, and job title
information on the spot directly from LinkedIn
profiles in a single click


Import unlimited contacts with 1-click. Automatically update your CRM without leaving LinkedIn.


Choose to automatically add prospects to any cadence in Klenty, from within LinkedIn itself

Seamless prospecting
with LinkPort

Works with LinkedIn and Sales Navigator

Once the integration between LinkPort and your CRM is done, you no longer have to keep switching between them

Get rid of copy-pasting manual work

Save about 2+ hours each day and 10+ hours each week

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What CRMs does Linkport work for?

    Linkport is integrated with Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, Hubspot and Salesforce CRM.

  • Who can use this tool?

    This tool is for anyone who uses Linkedin for Prospecting. For example: Sales Development Representatives can use this tool for Linkedin Sales Prospecting.

  • Who do I contact for support?

    You can email us at

  • Does this import information to custom fields
    in my CRM?

    Yes, you can map the linkedin fields to the custom fields in your CRM .

  • Why should I use it?

    You can:

    • Get rid of boring manual copy-pasting when you do linkedin Prospecting.
    • Quit switching between LinkedIn and your CRM to import contacts
    • Have ample time to hunt for hundreds of LinkedIn contacts
    • Save upto 2+ hours each day and 10+ hours each week
  • Does it prevent duplicates?

    Yes, it does. So even if you import the same contact twice into your CRM by mistake, you won’t have to worry about hunting and deleting the duplicate contact. Hubspot automatically detects duplicate emails. But in other CRMS, you'll need to load the profile URL in order to detect duplicates.

  • How many contacts can I import in a day?

    There is no limit on the number of contacts you can import.

  • Can I import to dropdown fields or numeric fields
    on Pipedrive?

    No. Importing is possible now only for Text fields.

Stop Wasting Time on Boring Copy Paste Work. Download LinkPort for Free Today